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Missoula Dirt Delivery

Crushed "Lolo" Rock - 5/8 inch

Crushed "Lolo" Rock - 5/8 inch

*Price includes delivery in the Missoula base delivery zone.*
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**When delivered this product may contain a small amount of dust which can be washed off via hose or rain in order to reveal its natural colors.**

This gravel is your go-to solution for various applications. Fill up a French drain to tackle soggy spots in your yard, patch up potholes, or minimize mud in your gravel driveway. It's also ideal for creating parking pads or leveling areas for sheds. Need a sturdy base? Use 5/8” crushed rock gravel under concrete walkways or permeable paver patios. Plus, it adds a polished touch as a top dressing for ornamental landscape beds. From drainage to structural support to aesthetic enhancements, 5/8” crushed rock gravel delivers unmatched performance.

**All prices listed above include delivery in Missoula, view our delivery area map to see our delivery zones.  You do not need to be home at time of delivery, we will gather your specific dumpsite instructions during checkout.  If you would like to schedule a delivery outside our delivery zones, please contact us via our contact page**
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