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Missoula Dirt Delivery

Veggie Box / Flowerbed Mix

Veggie Box / Flowerbed Mix

*Price includes delivery in the Missoula base delivery zone.*
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Ingredients in this blended soil:
25% Screened Topsoil - Base material. 
25% Washed Sand - Improves drainage, reduces soil compaction. 
25% Soil Pep - Reduce soil compaction, adds nutrients over time. 
25% Kalispell Creamery Compost - Bio solids free, chemical free, adds essential nutrients. More info on Kalispell Creamery 

Specially formulated for raised veggie boxes, this soil blend is comprised of one part compost, one part sand, one part screened topsoil, and one part fine wood mulch.  This versatile mix is great in food producing veggie boxes, flower beds, or for any project where a balanced and nutrient packed soil is needed.  

**All prices listed above include delivery in Missoula, view our delivery area map to see our delivery zones.  You do not need to be home at time of delivery, we will gather your specific dumpsite instructions during checkout.  If you would like to schedule a delivery outside our delivery zones, please contact us via our contact page**
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