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Missoula Dirt Delivery

Recycled Asphalt - 3/4 inch

Recycled Asphalt - 3/4 inch

*Price includes delivery in the Missoula base delivery zone.*
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This product is made from old roadways, which are broken up and screened down to 3/4 inch, resulting in a recycled gravel that has similar consistency and usage as our 3/4 inch road base gravel.   With a little compaction this product is great for parking pads, pathways, filling pot holes and can even be incorporated into a landscape by the creative DIYer.  

**All prices listed above include delivery in Missoula, view our delivery area map to see our delivery zones.  You do not need to be home at time of delivery, we will gather your specific dumpsite instructions during checkout.  If you would like to schedule a delivery outside our delivery zones, please contact us via our contact page**
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