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Recycled Pallet Mulch - Natural (un-dyed)

Recycled Pallet Mulch - Natural (un-dyed)

*Price includes delivery in the Missoula base delivery zone.*
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Please note, this product is made from recycled building materials, it is ground and run through a magnet filter, however, we cannot guarantee that this mulch will be free of all construction associated metal objects, nails, etc... This mulch may also contain a small amount of plastic building materials such as house wrap. 

Recycled Pallet Mulch, available in four vibrant colors: Un-dyed Natural, Brown, Black, and Red. Crafted from repurposed pallets and unused building lumber, this eco-friendly landscaping solution not only enhances the beauty of your outdoor space but also champions sustainability practices.

Each color option offers its unique aesthetic appeal, allowing you to choose the perfect complement for your landscaping needs. Whether you're mulching garden beds, or accentuating trees, Recycled Pallet Mulch provides a durable and attractive solution.

**All prices listed above include delivery in Missoula, view our delivery area map to see our delivery zones.  You do not need to be home at time of delivery, we will gather your specific dumpsite instructions during checkout.  If you would like to schedule a delivery outside our delivery zones, please contact us via our contact page**
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