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Road Base Gravel - 3/4 inch

Road Base Gravel - 3/4 inch

*Price includes delivery in the Missoula base delivery zone.*
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Road base gravel – the perfect foundation for your next paving, concrete, or parking pad project! Crafted from a blend of 3/4 inch angular crushed rock, sediment fines, sand, and a precise amount of clay binder, this gravel offers the ideal balance of stability and permeability.

Not only does it provide a solid base for your construction endeavors, but it's also ideal for filling pesky potholes in gravel driveways, ensuring a smooth and durable surface. When properly compacted, this base gravel forms a solid yet semi-permeable foundation, allowing for proper drainage while offering reliable support for your building project.

**All prices listed above include delivery in Missoula, view our delivery area map to see our delivery zones.  You do not need to be home at time of delivery, we will gather your specific dumpsite instructions during checkout.  If you would like to schedule a delivery outside our delivery zones, please contact us via our contact page**
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